Terms & Conditons

At Villa Tropicana Orlando we want you to know that we look forward to hosting you as our guests, and that we are more than happy to answer any questions or other concerns you may have. In addition, we invite you to take a few moments to review the following terms and conditions so that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities as our guests. Then, the only thing that awaits you is to reserve your place in line for the sunshine, blue skies and fun-filled experience that comes along with a Florida vacation.


Submission of the booking form by the party leader (Principal Hirer) confirms acceptance of the terms and conditions set out and shall be binding on the persons intending to occupy the premises.

The Contract of Hire is between the Principal Hirer and the owners of the property. The Principle Hirer, in submitting the Booking Form, is agreeing on behalf of all named persons to these Terms and Conditions, and has overall responsibility for the party. The owners of the property cannot accept bookings from groups of persons under the age of 21. The total number of guests must not exceed 6 (six).

Booking Confirmation Deposit
A booking is only confirmed upon receipt of a completed Booking Form and a deposit of $250 per booking. Once this has been received, a confirmation letter/e-mail will be issued and the Hirer will then be responsible for the total price of the property rental on the due date specified on the confirmation letter, plus refundable security deposit, less booking deposit paid. We do not accept payments from third parties.

Balance of Payment
The balance of the rental fee will be due 60 days before the holiday commencement date. We reserve the right to cancel the rental Agreement where full payment has not been received unless otherwise agreed.

Any bookings made within an 60 day period before the commencement of the hire period must be paid in full.

Security Deposit
A refundable Security deposit of $250 will be added to the balance, payable 60 days prior to departure. This is to be held as security against inventory damage, loss or excess cleaning costs. The Owners, following the guest’s departure will return this deposit to the guest subject to a satisfactory inspection of the property by the management company within 15 days of departure. The Principle Hirer must agree to pay any additional charges for damage or loss not covered by the Security deposit. Any breakages or damage to the property must be reported to the Management Company immediately, who will endeavour to replace the item as soon as possible and the cost may be deducted from the Security deposit. It is the Principal Hirer’s responsibility to ensure the property, its furnishings and fittings are treated with due care and respect. All kitchen utensils etc, should be left clean and tidy on departure.

Price Guarantee
Prices will not change once a deposit has been paid and a booking confirmation received.

Alterations to Bookings
All requests to alter a confirmed booking must be made to the owners in writing. Whilst the owners will attempt to accommodate any such requests (subject to availability), the owners cannot guarantee that this will be possible. Where such alteration is not possible and the Principle Hirer decides to cancel, then the cancellation fees detailed within these Terms and Conditions will apply.

Written confirmation is required in the event of a booking being cancelled and charges will be made accordingly

• Not less than 60 days prior to departure – Booking deposit only.
• Not less than 42-59 days prior to departure – 50% of total charge
• Less than 42 days prior to departure – 100% of total charge

We will however endeavour to find a replacement booking and reimburse accordingly where possible. In the unlikely event that the Owners, due to events beyond their control, have to cancel the booking, the Owners will endeavour to locate a suitable alternative villa. If the Owners are unable to provide an alternative villa, or if one is found but not accepted by the Principal Hirer, then the Owners will make a full refund of all monies paid. However the Owners, Management Company or their Agents will not be liable for any further losses that may be incurred by the clients.

Rental Period
Check in is from 4.00 p.m on the day of arrival, and check out is at 10 a.m on the day of departure. Vacating after 10.00am may incur a charge equivalent to one days accommodation cost unless previously agreed with the owners.

Air Conditioning Units
The Air Conditioning Units are already set at an ambient temperature by the Management Company. If the units are tampered with and they freeze up, then the renter becomes liable for the repair of the Unit. Please keep the patio doors closed at all times whilst the air conditioning is running.

As swimming pools are potentially dangerous, please do not swim whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and unaccompanied swimming is ill advised at any time. Florida Law requires that a pool alarm is fitted. This is for the safety of children, and the Owners would request that you do not tamper with the alarm. The Owners also request that no children be left to play unsupervised either in the pool or surrounding area.

The Owners cannot accept liability for failure of pool heat to provide adequate heating where pool heat is provided via an electrical heat pump, and where the outside air temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Electric heating pumps do not operate effectively below this temperature, and failure of such devices to heat the pool is outside of the Management Company’s control, and is regarded as an act of nature

We advise that due to the size of the pool, it can take up to twenty-four (24) hours for the water to reach its optimum temperature, in relation to the prevailing climatic conditions. Pool heating charges will still apply during this ‘warm up’ period.

Parking of Vehicles
In accordance with the Southern Dunes Homeowners Association rules, no truck or van, boat, trailer, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle or other type of non-passenger vehicles, equipment, implements or accessories shall be parked, stored or otherwise kept on any portion of the property or elsewhere on Southern Dunes. The connection of the villa’s utility supplies to any external vehicle/appliance is prohibited.

United States Immigration requires that all foreign citizens have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining after your intended departure date.

Force Majeure
The Owners cannot accept responsibility, nor are we liable for any force majeure events such as fire, floods, weather conditions, industrial disputes, nor any other events, which are beyond their control.

We cannot accept liability for any events beyond our control. This includes the actions of third parties over which we have no direct control, such as the management company, maintainance companies, homeowners association, neighboring villas etc. All information concerning the property is frequently checked to ensure its accuracy. However on occasion it is possible that advertised facilities may be withdrawn or changed due to circumstances beyond our control.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property, nor can we be held responsible for any injury, sickness or deaths however caused. It is strongly advised that the Hirers take out adequate holiday insurance cover at the time of booking.

Smoking and Pets
Unfortunately neither smoking nor pets are allowed within the villa. For the comfort of our smoking guests, smoking is allowed on the pool deck and in the front yard.

Data Protection
The details provided to the Owners by the Principal Hirer will only be passed on to the management company for booking confirmation.

The Principal Hirer is hereby notified that as Florida has a tropical climate, it is home to many insects and bugs. The villa is treated on a regular basis to repel these creatures, but you may occasionally find that they get inside the property. They are best dealt with by spraying with an appropriate product. If the problem persists contact the management company. These kinds of incidents are kept to a minimum if food and crumbs are not left on surfaces or floors, and any spills should be cleaned up immediately.

Any complaints relating to the property must be made in writing to the owners’ management c ompany within 48 hours of any problems arising. The management company will endeavour to deal with any such complaints to your satisfaction. Unless there is a valid reason, the owners will not consider any complaints that were not initially registered with the management company during the booked period.

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